Minimal printable calendar 2017


Can’t believe 2017 is just around the corner, this year has gone by like a flash!

This week I had some spare time and I designed a minimalistic calendar for my office corner. I find it hard sometimes to find clean and simple designs and I’m quite picky with that. I like my office to be visually clutter-free, I get very easily distracted 🙈
I’m happy to share it with you, hope you’ll like it!


UPDATE: Lots of you have been asking me about the copper clips in my pictures. I bought mine at a local store but you can find similar ones at this link and this link.





  1. Hi – can you please check the download button? It is not linking out for me. Thanks

  2. Giovana Guimarães Reply

    Hi! Can you tell me what’s the typography you used for this calendar? I love it and already downloaded it! 🙂

    • Valentina | ForeignRooftops
      Valentina | ForeignRooftops Reply

      Hi Tess!
      Have you tried checking your spam folder? Sometimes it happens that the emails end up there.
      If you still can’t download it let me know, I will personally send you the link.
      Have a beatiful day!

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    • Valentina | ForeignRooftops
      Valentina | ForeignRooftops Reply

      Thanks to you Julia! I’m really glad you like it! Merry Christmas!

    • Valentina | ForeignRooftops
      Valentina | ForeignRooftops Reply

      Hi Nicole! Sure, I would really appreciate that! Thank you!

    • Valentina | ForeignRooftops
      Valentina | ForeignRooftops Reply

      Thank you Linda! The clear clipboard it is actually just an acrylic sheet (A4) with a clip.
      You should be able to find the acrylic sheet in any hardware store or home supplies stores. I think I’ve seen some on Amazon too! 🙂

    • Valentina | ForeignRooftops
      Valentina | ForeignRooftops Reply

      Thanks to you Maritta for sharing it on your blog! I truly appreciate it!

    • Valentina | ForeignRooftops
      Valentina | ForeignRooftops Reply

      Thanks Samara! I am so glad you liked it!

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    • Valentina | ForeignRooftops
      Valentina | ForeignRooftops Reply

      Thanks to you Tessa! Have a lovely day!

  12. Love the simplicity of this calendar! Just downloaded and printing as we speak! All i need is the copper accessories to finish! 😛

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  15. Hi, i found your calendar 2017 on Pinterest, it’s exactly what I want for this new year. A beautiful and minimalist calendar to put on the wall. I like the simplicity and the graphic design with the typography. I wish you a happy new year 2017. Thanks !

  16. Micaela Almeida Reply

    Beautiful! Simplicity works, Valentina! Obrigado for this calendar! It’s going on my wall.


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