Casa Cavia concept store in Buenos Aires

An elegant and refined concept store that offers an immersive experience in the exclusive Palermo Chico neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It’s Casa Cavia.

Casa Cavia has it all: a restaurant, a bakery, a coffee shop, a bookstore, a florist, a perfumery and even a publishing house. The concept store of the local entrepreneur Guadalupe Garcia Mosqueda, aspires to become a cultural center where new Argentine talents can meet and collaborate.

A cozy living room to explore new ideas.

The building, originally designed by Alejandro Christophesen in 1927, has been restored by London and San Francisco-based Kallos Turin Architects.
The careful renovation work maintains the essence of the historical house, preserving the original details and adding modern design elements. The new eclectic décor features a green and gray palette, marble and brass surfaces, antique mirrors, leather and velvet.

Like any home, even Casa Cavia has its beating heart: the restaurant. A simple kitchen run by Pablo Massey, one of the greatest Argentinian gourmet talents. Fresh and seasonal products are combined to create tiny works of art, followed by cocktails of Ines de Los Santos and the sophisticated pâtisserie of Próspero Velazco.

Casa Cavia ∙ Concept Store
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Address: Cavia 2985, C1425DDA CABA, Argentina

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