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6 wallpapers that will make feel on vacation when you really need one

Another day, another Pintrest board! It all started with a specific purpose. I was looking for prints for my naked walls, the type of illustrations and photos that make you think about beautiful places. That [...]

Rugs on rugs on other rugs!

If I am ever in a room with fifty chairs and I am being asked to take a sit wherever I prefer, I would sit on the floor.It is something that truly makes me feel at home, and most of the times when we have [...]

You thought mustard was dead? Ehm… no, not really.

If there’s something I love about my hometown is that sense of contentment that it gives me. Inner peace, a calm capsule deep in the ocean of life even when the thoughts are making big waves on the [...]

She wore blue velvet – I’m talking about a couch.

Did you also notice that velvet has been flooding social media in the past few months? It’s literally everywhere, regardless if it is fashion or interior design. I can’t help but think of my [...]

Dark Green moody hues in Malaysia

So last autumn my fiancee and I packed our stuff and flew to the beautiful Island of Redang for a short get-away. We had imagined a sunny and breezy weather, calm turquoise waters, hashtag rain on Instagram, [...]

Marble madness: a striking summer house renovation

As a half-Greek girl, in my childhood years, I’ve got to experience the harsh and sweaty Mediterranean summer climate plenty of times. Back then, the air-con was a luxury that very few could afford. That [...]

Shaping colour by Germans Ermičs

Germans is a talented young designer born in Riga, Latvia, who studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, mainly focusing on furniture and interiors. A common theme in his work is investigating how people [...]

House of Dust: pale pink & gray geometries

To quote the words of Pythagoras: There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres. What he was talking about was, of course, the notion that simple mathematics [...]