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A Veggie Burger that you won’t regret having

 Last week me and Alberto decided to do a detox and eat cleaner and healthier for a while. After weeks of delivered food and drinking a bit too often we felt the need to get back on track.Decent western [...]

Sweet & Tangy Spring Cocktail

Spring has finally arrived in Shanghai, it was about time, wasn't it? Nice weather calls for refreshing late afternoon drinks and all windows open!I was working on a table setting post last week (coming [...]

Oysters 3 ways • Asian style

     WHEN I THINK OF OYSTERS, I THINK OF A WARM SUMMER EVENING IN FRANCE The day after my graduation was a gorgeous sunny day, and I was sitting at a cafe with three of my university friends, talking about [...]

Not depressing thanksgiving salad

And then (finally) November arrived. A couple of friends are hosting a Thanksgiving lunch on 24th, to which me and my husband are invited. They’re going to roast the turkey, and that’s pretty [...]