When it comes to minimal design, I believe that one of the biggest struggles is to balance simplicity and character. This applies to home decor too; so many of the places I see have that lifeless and unappealing vibe about them.
I do believe that you can decorate minimally while giving the space a strong personality. One of the easiest ways to do so is to introduce local materials and items or pieces of furniture that are already filled with memories and history.
What a better example than this outstanding renovation on a 18th-century Moroccan riad in the ancient medina of Essaouira.

Five columns is a beautifully restored house built in the early 18th century and situated in the Chbanat area, famous for its textile workshops, in the heart of the ancient medina of Essaouira. 

The house was completely renovated back in 2005 and has been sympathetically restored retaining all the original features such as the sand stone columns, thuya wood ceilings and beautiful black and white traditional tiles in the ground floor.

The large, open plan courtyard leads to the kitchen where the surfaces and shelves are all sculpted and finished in Tadlakt which is the traditional coating of hammams in Morocco.

via 5 Columns

5 Columns Essaouira24
5 Columns Essaouira