Ever since I left my job and became a freelancer, I started to feel the need of having a corner dedicated to working. I’m a messy person, I have a 2 seconds attention span, and my mind is constantly restless. I jump from one task to another, I work lying the bed, sitting on the floor, sometimes in my kitchen, I need to move, walk around, talk with myself… 🙈
This keeps me inspired but KILLS my productivity so when I need to focus and step back, that’s what my office corner is for.

When we moved in this apartment, I knew I had to do something about these ugly looking built-in cabinets in our bedroom. The room is quite big and airy and we wanted to make this corner more functional. Me and my husband sanded all surfaces and applied generous amounts of white paint. We removed some cabinet doors and added spotlights.  I am so happy with how it turned out!


I can’t tell you how much I like this corner! It is so cozy and has the most beautiful views of the park, especially at night when all the buildings light up! The desk is not huge so I try to keep the surface as clutter-free as I can.


This little corner is where I relax when I lack of ideas or I just simply need a break.  It’s comfortable yet uncomfortable which is good, so I don’t get lazy and stay there all day! I have some magazines and books that I like to browse through (mainly just looking at the pictures 😁) 


When I’m doing DIYs or other things that require a lot of space I use my dining room but for quick things I have this little space here. It’s perfect when I just need to cut some cardboards or scan something.


I have two of these hanging wire grids were I clip photos I took with my friends and pictures that remind me of good times. I like to collect those memories and keep them close where I can see them every day!


Things started being very busy in the past months and I wanted to get a white board to write things down but then I decided to use my windows instead! I now have a four months planner that is incredibly useful. I traced the layout with a sharpie (you can remove that with regular rubbing alcohol), and I’m using post-its so that I can easily reschedule and plan all my tasks and appointments.


I’m a big fan of  frames and pictures, and I wanted to have some fun and inspirational quotes around me. I made designed these few posters and you can download them here or by clicking the button below.


*All the printables are A4 size.
You can print them on any size as long as the aspect ratio is the same ( such as A5, A3 etc.)