Last autumn my fiancee and I packed our stuff and flew to the beautiful Island of Redang for a short get-away.
We had imagined a sunny and breezy weather, calm turquoise waters, hashtag rain on Instagram, and you know, all those things that you would normally expect from an exotic island.

To our surprise, when we arrived a thick haze was looming above us, the sun was a shy and pale speck of light, and the crystal clear waters were painted in a vibrant dark green. Not so cool. ☹️

Somewhere in Indonesia, forest fires were going on since weeks and great part of the Southeast Asia was tucked in a smoke blanket. We were pretty disappointment at first, but after a couple of hours we sucked it up and started to noticing and appreciating what was given to us.

The landscape was truly fascinating and had a somehow mysterious allure. The moody tones, the haze, the pungent smell of smoke, was almost surreal and quickly became the highlight of the vacation aside from an exceptional source of inspiration.







Dark green hues don’t only suit the Malaysian landscape, but I believe it makes a great color for interiors as well. Now all I can think about is how badly I want to redo our dining room, but we’re in a rental apartment and I’m stuck at the thought of going through the effort of covering a dark accent wall with white once we’ll have to leave.  If you can feel my pain, go for a few statement pieces, or fabrics like velvet or silk, that add depth and drama to the colors.

Malaysia_Mood01Credits: Lerkenfeldt

Credits: ApaiserIKEA

Credits: C. Honcke

Credits: VippSara Danielsson

Malaysia_mood07Credits: Utterly engaged


#01 / Velvet Sofa – Johnathan Alder,    #02 / Match Candle – Muuto,   #03 / Dining Chair –Muuto,  #04 / Over-dyed Vintage Rug – Rugs USA,   #05 / Velvet Cushion Cover –H&M,   #06 / Glass Vase – Carlo Scarpa for Venini (1940),   #07 / Joy Table – Minotti