This week I’m truly excited cause I’ve finally decided to start a project that has been on my mind for the longest time. I figured that I will never be ready enough until I actually start doing. At this stage I can’t say much, but just bear with me for a little while, and you’ll get more details soon!

This project is going to keep me quite busy in the next few months, and I want to make sure that I’m refreshed and focused before diving into it.
So I’ve put together this simple 7 days minimal challenge to help me clear my mind and get organized. Here’s a day by day guide so you can also follow along!


DAY 01


Our house is fairly clutter-free but when things get busy clutter accumulates in the blink of an eye! No matter if you’re working from home or at the office, I believe that a clean and tidy workspace is essential to boost your morale and efficiency.  Here are some things you can do:

• Declutter and clean all surfaces
• Throw everything that you no longer need, such as old receipts and notes, empty pens, etc.
• Go through the rest of your belongings and figure out what do you really need and what you don’t
• Organize your cables


DAY 02


I always try to do 10 things at a time and I often find myself accomplishing very little. Multitasking might seem like your getting a lot of things done but in reality jumping from one task to another can really affect your productivity. Try to be more present and focused, and most importantly do only one thing at a time. Some examples:

• Have breakfast without checking your phone
• Have only one browser tab open
• Turn off notifications
• Give yourself realistic deadlines to complete a task. Have a break every 30min or so.
• Get ready for tomorrow the night before.


DAY 03


I don’t know about you, but my desktop and email inbox are a complete mess!


In a regular working day I create and/or drop around 20-30 files and I can’t ever manage to organize all of this while I’m working. As you can imagine it takes no time for my desktop to be a mess. Today no excuses, sort out and organize all of these files.

*A folder called “stuff” where you just drop everything counts as cheating! 🙂


Newsletters take up to 60% of my inbox, narrow the mailing lists you are still interested in and start unsubscribing to all of the lists you don’t read anymore, or you barely open.  Then go ahead and scan through your regular emails and delete the ones there are too old or contain useless information. I have hundreds of emails were the only text is something like: ‘OK noted.’


DAY 04


Your mind needs space too. I often forget that but is good to take a day from time to time to unwind and find your balance. There are plenty of things you can do:

• Do yoga
• Go for a walk in nature
• Spend 10 minutes in complete silence, focus on yourself.
• Breathe

DAY 05


Turn off your phone and take a one day break from somecial media. This can be helpful in countless ways, here are some of the benefits:

• Discover new ways to keep yourself entertained
• Being present in the moment, without cehcking / wondering what other people are doing
• Social media can have a negative effect on your mood and emotions, you don’t need that.
• Break the habit

DAY 06


We are all given a certain amount of hours per day, a good start when decluttering your schedule is to acknowledge the fact that you can’t do everything. Being always busy and overworked can drastically affect your productivity. Start doing these things:

• Prioritize your tasks
• Figure out your goals and values, cut everything that is not helping you achieve them
• Learn to say no to things that hinder you

DAY 07


Nothing says new start as a fresh home. Try to focus your energies on few key areas and tasks such as:

• Change your bedsheets and pillow covers
• Open all windows and let some fresh air in
• Do your laundry
• Clean out your closet