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Holiday gift guide

I thought I'd share with you a little holiday gift guide, in case you're late (as I always am) with Christmas gifts. To make things a bit easier, this year I decided to do some research in advance. Rather than looking for  A N Y T H I N G,  I just focus on finding one particular thing that could work for most of my friends and loved ones.

I'm a total sucker for homeware and good packaging, so guess what I ended up with?
Niche-y home fragrances!

The thing that I'm enjoying the most is trying to associate each scent to a different person. Trying to think what do the woody / floral / smoky notes remind me of and based on those memories I'm writing a note to go with the present.

So here are some brands that I selected for my presents.



All care products consist of 90-100% natural ingredients, they're dermatologically tested and free from: parabens, silicones, lauryl sulphate, artificial fragrance, synthetic colours, glycols, TEA, DEA, petro chemicals and are evidently free from animal testing.

And the best of all: for each Marie-Stella-Maris product sold, they donate a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects.

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A lightly scented natural fragrance of lavender with a hint of eucalyptus and musk, to freshen your linen or to create a calming night sleep.

A natural aromatic room spray to create a unique scent experience at home. The scent Objets d'Amsterdam is a clean fresh aroma of white tea with citrus accords of bergamot and lemon.

A 100% natural soap to clean the hands gently, yet effectively. The hydrating soap is handmade and can also be used as body wash. Perfect for sensitive skin types.


A luxurious scented candle to create a unique atmposhere at home. The scent No.94 Cinéma Bleu is characterized by green, fruity fig leafs with a touch of grapefruit and spicy black pepper, blended with vetiver and sweetened with a hint of vanilla.


Laboratorio Olfattivo is a young Italian brand dedicated to artistic perfume-making. Each of the fragrances of this highly-creative scent producer has its own story and it is an absolutely unique emotional expression of beauty, nature, and history.

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Fragrance Diffuser "Giardino dínverno", citrus and woody notes melt to give life to an atmosphere able to evoke the emotions of a walk in a Winter garden

Aromatic room spray. Alta Marea: the memory of a vacation, the perfume of the sea, flowers and plants that surround the beaches. An olfactive trip to the Italian riviera.

A delicately scented liquid soap with notes of musk & jasmine, composed of rich olive & coconut oils for exceptional softness.


This one's a seasoned love. Mad et Len is niche fragrance house based in Southern France, they prides themselves on the artisanal production of perfumes. The candles and home fragrances are the pinnacle of rustic refinement, they are hand-blended using organic distilled essential oils. The wax blends are hand-poured into hand-made burned steel vessels made by the town’s local blacksmiths.

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An ode to Earth's elements. Infused ultra-absorbent black lava rock from the Sahara desert. Cuir de Russie is a warm and leathery fragrance, that features musky, woody and balsamic notes.

Vegetable wax candles infused with undiluted flower, wood, and spice essential oils emitting intoxicating rustic, resinous, and woody notes.

A one-of-a-kind old fashioned spray bottle for a burst of scent on demand, anytime. Bold, smoky notes of Sichuan Tea.
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December 17, 2016 Reply

I am all over this stuff. I mean I can't get enough room deodorizers, linen spray, soaps. You name it is have it. I'm running out of space for this stuff. I have a problem hehehe. These products look lovely. I will try to find them in my area. Thanks for sharing :-)

    Valentina | ForeignRooftops
    December 29, 2016 Reply

    ahahah I know that feeling very well Coralee! I'm glad you liked my post!
    Have a nice day!

December 21, 2016 Reply

Oh those are great recommendations – I have all my Christmas gifts together by now, but I really covet that linen spray by Marie-Stella-Maris. Might have to order some for myself!

    Valentina | ForeignRooftops
    December 29, 2016 Reply

    Hi Katrin! I have my eyes on that one too! I'm currently using a linen spray by The Laundress, but that one's the next in line!
    Happy holidays!

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