Rose & Eucalyptus Bath Salts

I’m lucky enough to have a bathtub at home and I often make my own bath salts. I love the fact that they’re super easy to make and each time I try to experiment with different ingredients and combinations. You can scent them with any essential oil, to match the season or occasion.

It also doubles as a super quick gift idea, I always make a few extra jars a time so to have last minute gifts on hand.


2 cups Pink Himalayan Coarse Salt
1/2 cups Epsom salt
1/2 cup Baking Soda
4-5 drops Eucalyptus oil
2-3 drops Peppermint oil
1/2 cup Dried rose tea buds


A jar


ONE STEP. You just drop all ingredients in a bowl and stir. Done. ✅

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