If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that space is a luxury. My first rented apartment was a 32sqm in Milan and ever since I tried to maximize the space that I got in the best way possible. A few years and a fair number of apartments later I believe that I finally mastered the art of living with a ridiculously small kitchen.

How small? four square meters small. 

I truly enjoy cooking and having guests over for dinner and despite the limiting workspace I’ve been able to cook for up to 10+ guests. The trick is to be super organized and always have a clear plan in mind. I make a list of the dishes I want to prepare and prioritize tasks, in between them I will take 5 minutes to clean and tidy up. This has worked pretty well for me so far but there are many more adjustments I made to create a functional yet personal space.



Adding wall storage can save you lots of space! Try to take advantage of unused corners and add racks, utensil bars and shelves. There are tons of options and sizes at any hardware store, and you will surely find solutions that suit your space!

A big game changer in my kitchen was to use brackets to lift my toaster oven. 



Chopping boards are my best friends! Not only they’re perfect for serving platters, but they can be very useful to create some extra space too.
Simply measure the size of your sink and get a board that is a couple of centimeters bigger. It’s super practical when chopping food because you can throw the unusable parts in the sink and then get rid of all of them later. My favorites are bamboo boards they’re very durable and easy to clean.



I like to keep some of my dry goods outside of the cabinets where I can see them and get inspired, that’s when sealed jars come in handy. The jars are great for preserving the food (much better than half-opened boxes) and they also look nice and tidy.

I always add a little final touch with a Dymo label maker.



Good lighting is essential when the space is tight. Use LED strips and clamp lights to illuminate your kitchen top properly.



I’m in love with this Chinese bamboo ladder that I got at a street market. It has been really useful to hang all my tea towels. Another very simple and cheap idea is to use a clothes hanger to clip your recipe magazines and books so that you can always have them readily available.



These fridge magnet letters must be one of my favourite things in the apartment. Me and my husband often leave messages for each other there. My guests also appreciate them very much! They will always write something while I cook so at the end of the night I will find all the crazy and funny messages they left.
And lastly, hang framed pictures! Something that is inspiring or reminds you of a good time, you can’t ever go wrong with that!