Did you also notice that velvet has been flooding social media in the past few months? It’s literally everywhere, regardless if it is fashion or interior design.

I can’t help but think of my aunt’s crooked sofa. Every time I visit her, I spend a good 15 minutes doodling stuff by changing the direction of the pile with my finger and leaving an impression on the fabric.

Despite that association (which I guess 90% of people would do), apparently velvet has come back bolder than ever. I particularly love it when used as a single statement piece or to highlight some few decor elements. 
Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Jean- François Jaussaud, Blue Velvet – David Lynch

Photo: frenchbydesignblog.com
Photo: VippSaraPhoto: Zoffany, Kate Jacklingblue-velve07Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Montis
Photo: Romy Schneider in Chanel, Sven Cascadia
Photo: Robert Montgomery


Here below some good alternatives to auntie’s sofa:

#01 / Johnathan,    #02 Houzz,   #03 / Artless,  #04 / Houzz,   #05 Bloomingville