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If there’s something I love about my hometown is that sense of contentment that it gives me. Deep inner peace, even when my mind is messy as hell.

Don’t get me wrong, Shanghai has been treating me more than well in the past 4 years, but when shit hits the fan, that’s my go-to for finding my balance again.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to move back, but that’s the whole beauty of this place, it has to be taken in small doses to be fully understood and appreciated.

It’s a small three thousand citizen village (yes you heard right) with a french-sounding name in the middle of the Alps. It looks just like you would imagine a mountain village to look like: a few houses with tall wooden roofs, silence and emptiness between snowy peaks and pines.

Just around the corner (literally), there’s the self-governing region of Trentino formerly part of the Habsburg empire, which became part of Italy quite recently in 1919.
I plan to post a guide soon as it is a top location for winter get-aways, great food, snow activities, and design hotspots.
But for the time being, I wanted to share some pictures I took.  As always, nature never fails to be a great source of inspiration.











Shame on me for taking a picture of my shoes, I’ve been mocking this Instagram trend since forever.

So here’s the thing, I’ve never been a big fan of colors like mustard and ochre, I believe that until recently no one was. But some weeks after I came back to Shanghai, I was out for dinner with a friend, and somewhere between the main course and the third glass of wine she mentioned that she laid her eyes over this beautiful ochre carpet she found at a local store. I spontaneously pictured the luscious natural carpet I had seen in my hometown, and the idea started growing in me.

If these colors make such a great visual impact in nature, could they suit interiors as well?
Thanks to Pinterest for letting me know that not only mustard it’s crazy popular but I’m also quite late on that!

Here some of my favorite inspirational photos. I particularly love these shades when paired with copper, wood or wool.








Photos:  The Future Kept / Knoll, Platner Easy Chair / Patrick Janelle / Pintrest / Steven Alan Home shop / Couleur Locale

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