Ladders have everything I wish for: simplicity, function, form, and beauty.

The first time I got one was five years ago, me and Alberto had just moved to Shanghai and found the perfect minimalist studio apartment to move in (and by minimalist I mean that it came with basically zero furniture).

I had recently discovered the Shanghai Mu Lan Antiques which was a gigantic warehouse filled with any type of Asian antique and random weird stuff. Chairs, chests, tables were stacked into sky-high piles, there was a good 2cm of dust on top of everything, and you had to walk through some very claustrophobic passages to move around. It was indeed a unique experience!

Despite my poor Chinese, I scored a chest, a massive wooden coffee table and my beloved bamboo ladder for a ridiculous price.
Ever since, the ladder has been moving apartments with us, and one day might move to Europe too!

There are so many ways to use ladders in your home. They’re great for making unusual cloth hangers, plant racks and shelves, and they’re also cost effective!

6 Ways to use ladders


Use your ladder to stack up plant pots and create a peaceful green corner in your apartment. This is a good alternative solution in case you don’t have any outdoors space.

Source: The Merry Thought


Create some extra shelving space in the kitchen. 

Source: Pinterest

6 Ways to use ladders
6 Ways to use ladders


A way to store and display your magazines and office supplies

Source: Vosgesparis

6 Ways to use ladders


Forget the towel rack and go creative! It is perfect not only for the bathroom but for the kitchen as well. That’s how I use mine.  

Source: Menu Design


Keep your blankets organised and easy to reach on chilly autumn afternoons.

Source: Inuk Home

6 Ways to use ladders
6 Ways to use ladders


Wrap it up with string lights! It works perfectly for both indoors and outdoors.

Source: Apartment Therapy